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Can you tell I'm faking it?

...but I want to be myself

...but I want to be myself
28 February 1987
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My name is Kat. These are my wasted ramblings/blurbs/rants/musings. I love music and art, makeup and clothes, being an individual. I've been told by many people that I am weird.. but a good weird. I guess I will take the compliments that I get?

I like making friends, but not with close minded people who make me want to throwdown.

I like to party, I am drug free, I am not very religious though I try to believe in something, but don't like anyone trying to force their religion or political views on me. I'm pretty/very liberal, am in the military as well, so I do not tolerate any kind of hate on the troops.

I am an all around odd mix of a person but I guess that's what makes me, me?